If I had a hammer

Monday night. Forget about college and high tech, I should have become an electrician or plumber. Gah, gah, gah! I bought a new water heater with installation at a very large, national home improvement warehouse today and nearly had a heart attack when I found out how much the installation will cost. The heater itself is $200 and TCB had warned me to expect that installation would be about the same as the heater but boy was he lowballing it. The installation plus a city permit (who knew???) will be an additional $400 - yow! Still, it must be done because cold showers are putting me in a very cranky frame of mind and we cannot have that.

It's only money, right?


Anonymous said…
It would have been more if you went to a regular plumber. Trust me, I know!
Yikes! It's been so long since we replaced ours that a) I have no idea how much we spent and b) I'm afraid we could be doing it again soon.

At least I was able to install our new microwave by myself. Well, yeah, it's a countertop model.
Shannin said…
Who knew? Such are the pitfalls of owning vs. renting. Sometimes I wonder if they gouge on the installation since they know most people won't hire a handy man on their own. It's the downfall of one stop shopping.
Cindy N. said…
Just like a vehicle....$20 for the part and $150 for labor to put the part in. It takes them all of 20 minutes to do the job, but the 'book' says it will take two hours at $75/hour. Thus $150. Why can't they just charge for the actual time it took? Would that be so hard? I love your blog.
Anonymous said…
400 dollars? Yikes!

I love hot showers too, so I can sympathize!
Fern Bourrie said…
A water heater is something that I can't live without. Nice warm showers is a must. That's the price you have to pay sometimes. UGH!!

To make you feel better, I spent a total of $600 yesterday on a brake job on my van. OUCH! That hurt!!
Alda said…
That DOES hurt! Yow!!

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