Let's pretend

OK, so I've come to a decision, or so I think. I'm going to turn the comments off from now on and write as though no one's reading (which may or may not be true at this point). I need to be able to put my thoughts into writing because it's very therapeutic, but I just don't want to worry about how clever I'm being or whether it reads well or who I might offend. I have an eating disorder, I suffer from sometimes-debilitating depression, and I'm starting to see some signs of panic attacks and social anxiety disorder, too...yet I can look perfectly "normal" to the outside world and I'm someone who very much values appearances and the keeping up of same.

So, what we're talking about here is a little game of "Pretend". I'm going to pretend that no one but me is seeing what I'm writing and both of you are going to pretend that you don't see me having my little breakdowns and writing the same exact thing that I wrote back on July 25, 2003. Everyone's happy. Well, OK, it's probably just me that's happy because, honestly, what are you getting out of the deal???

Ready, steady, go!

p.s. If something that I write sparks something deep and important inside you, I apologize. Wait, no, that's not what I meant! What I meant to say was that I still welcome any emails you might be moved to send and my turning off comments doesn't mean I want to be a hermit. Quite the contrary. I love conversing with folks who have something to say...I just don't want anyone feeling that they need to comment or that I'll be offended if no one writes anything. If there's something you think I need/ought to know, fire off an email and I'll reply as soon as I've had time to contemplate a response. (Don't know my email address? Click on the "Email" button near the top of the page on the left side.)


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