Monday late afternoon. I went for a walk this morning. I have a Junior League committee meeting tonight that I am not prepared for. I need to finish 10 mid-year reviews for my team members. I scheduled five product re-releases today (while supposedly working at home on aforementioned reviews). Alcott got a D in English last semester and I need to schedule parent/CASA-teacher conference with his teacher to find out why and see what we can do to make that not happen again. I need to get a quote from a rental company for the supplies my other JLSD committee needs for our upcoming breakfast event. I have to put together a curriculum for one portion of the training program at work, including learning paths for significant job functions. I still need a haircut and pedicure although I did finally get my brows waxed. At some point I really need to put some color on my hair or stop moaning about the grays. My dad's preliminary appointment for his knee went well this morning but we're not out of the woods yet.

And I wonder why I eat compulsively.

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