More blah blah goodness

Sunday afternoon. It's sticky-hot here and I am having a fit of Blah. I went to a great yoga-based weight loss/healthy living class yesterday and signed up for eight more weeks. Good. Got my brows waxed (finally) yesterday. Good. Went to see Alcott's final basketball game of the season (he lost but played his heart out). Good. Was half an hour late to his youngest brother's "graduation" party because I'm not retaining details properly lately, mostly due to not listening, I think. Neither good nor bad, just true. I went out to a great dinner with TCB but didn't have the conversation that needs to happen about why things aren't what they should be between us. Not good. (I'm pretty sure we'd be find if I could just open my mouth and let the words come out. Why is it so hard to say, "I need hand holding, cuddling, and other physical affection and I feel really lonely without it?"

God, I sound pathetic. Must be the blahs.

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