How am I doing?

Monday morning. Well, of the four things (I missed one in the list I wrote down here on Saturday) that I am working on, I did well on the three that I've had occasion to practice. Specifically, I...

* Had nothing sugary/sweet for breakfast yesterday
* Talked to TCB about what I'm trying to do and how he can help (this was not a ringing success - he's obviously quite skeptical about my new approach to losing weight. Oh well, as long as he doesn't work against me, it's all good)
* Talked to TCB about going to church together (this was not a ringing success, either, which sort of surprised me because he's mentioned wanting to start a church relationship before - maybe I just surprised the heck out of him?)

And the fourth thing that I'll be doing as part of my program is driving home from work on the freeway to avoid passing as many fast food joints which tempt me to eat poorly. That will get its first test this evening, so we'll see how I do then.

Now it's time to try one of my yoga DVDs. It's not specifically stated, but I've got to start doing this stuff during the week, too, because it totally kicked my butt on Saturday. For anyone that thinks yoga is just about gentle stretching and relaxation, you seriously need to come and experience Gloria (my teacher) and her version of yoga. Seriously, I was sweating and panting like a dog. After yoga! In any case, I'm going to shoot for yoga in the morning and treadmill in the evening.

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