Owwie, that hurts

Tuesday morning. Sometime in the middle of the night, my shoulder and lower back/hip started hurting tremendously. Not sure about the lower back part of the equation, but this shoulder usually has issues during my busy season at work when I'm working too many hours and really stressed out.

Hmmm...it's not what anyone else considers busy season right now but it sure is for me and I'm so stressed I can't even tell anyone why I'm stressed because it would take too long and I'd have to stop and get it all down on paper. (Honestly, it's probably worth it just to get it all down on paper, but that's another story.)

Stressed, depressed, and pretty much non-stop bingeing - I've hit the Trifecta!!!

In all seriousness, what am I to do about this? First things first, I've got to do something about the physical pain. Since I seem resistent to the tough kind of yoga I should be doing to prepare for my Lighter Way class (it is seriously both cardio and strength training...none of that "relax and renew" stuff), perhaps I should look into just some stretching or at least a gentler form of yoga. I need something that will help my flexibility at the same time it's helping to relax me. I'm sure you've heard the saying that "stress kills"? Well, in my case, I don't think it's an exaggeration.

Some may wonder when I'm going to get back to trying to lose weight. If you ask, I'll tell you that I've never stopped but that the road I'm travelling this time around isn't the straight and narrow one. This time there will be no "turn off your mind, restrict your food, and exercise as much as you can stand". This time the weight will come off for good, slowly, as I learn more about myself and more about what my mind and body need from me. It may not seem as though I'm making a lot of progress, but patience is one of the first things I need to work on, so this is a good exercise.

Now I'm off to go and listen to one of my stress relief MP3s in hope that my shoulder and back can be persuaded to play nicely together again.

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