A warm flow of energy courses through my body

Saturday morning. I've noticed myself feeling tired and going to bed much earlier of late. Always in the past, it's at least 11pm before I go to bed, but now I start getting sleepy by 9:30 and I'm generally in bed and ready to sleep before 10pm. Amazing! Accordingly, getting up at 6am is no longer a chore and that's nice. This week, I've either done yoga first thing or listened to a "be in your body" meditation before breakfast, before CNN goes on, just sitting comfortably in my big, velvet chair. I also read my Lighter Way class materials and think about ways that I block my feelings and what I can do differently to get different results.

This morning, in class, the yoga was still hard (I'm not particularly flexible, I have a huge stomach to work around, and that same stomach throws my balance off) but not as hard as last week. I weighed in with the other girls and actually looked at the number this week (I wouldn't look last week). And, as we sat together in the small room where we talk or do hypnotherapy as the last part of every class, I felt so much love and support for and from the other four people in the room. Never, never, ever have I felt that way in real life weight loss situations. So connected, so supported, so loved. And it wasn't just from them to me...it was from me to me, too.

Self acceptance is something I finally "got" last year, but self esteem has been so elusive in my life. It's always been all or nothing: I'm focused on me - fixing me - or on others, never both simultaneously. Now I'm feeling the warmth of this positive energy inside me and it flows through my body but it can also go outside of me to others, too. Hard to describe adequately, it's just a first for me and very exciting.

p.s. Didn't lose any weight this week and I'm OK with that. I've done so many good things for myself this week and that's enough.

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