My blog looks the way that I feel!

Friday afternoon. I have no idea what's up with the missing graphics from this page. According to my hosting service, there was a huge spike in viewings of my site between 2 and 3am Central time last night which caused my account to be suspended temporarily. Who on Earth would be viewing my site in the middle of the night, much less so many of them that it would go over my limit??? Strange. If it doesn't resolve itself pretty quickly, I'll have to upgrade my transfer limit but that costs more so I'm going to see if I can wait it out.

In other news, I'm on the edge of total freak out. See if you can follow this.

I need to get Junior League cookbooks for the trainers at next Saturday's training. I don't know how many to get and I will be gone until next Thursday night

I need to order bagels, cream cheese, and coffee for that same training. Again, gone until Thursday night

I need to get bouquets of flowers for the out-of-town trainers for next week's training. Ditto the time constraints

I need to attend Board of Directors training for Junior League tomorrow. I also need to get Alcott's middle brother and take him to Alcott's birthday beach party

I need to write mini reviews for each of my (nine) employees by this afternoon. I have none complete at this moment (why am I blogging instead of writing?)

I need to schedule time for Alcott and I to go to the race track so that he can drive the laps that I promised I'd buy him for his birthday. It would be good to do that in the same month as his birthday. (I hope he's flexible, though)

I need to call the cat sitter. Before I leave on my trip early Sunday morning

I need to get the box of cards for Marines deployed in Iraq that were created at work on Take Your Rugrat to Work day up to TCB's so that he can get them to Master Chief before he leaves for Iraq

I need to figure out how to get the big, velvet chair and ottoman out of my living room and into the hands of a thrift store so that I can get a new couch and loveseat. Right now, I have only the chair and ottoman and my BFF Tracy is coming for a visit Memorial Day weekend. It would also be nice if TCB could manage to put the new kitchen lights, new bathroom fixtures and lights, and TV armoire together before then, too. (Of course, I'll need to get the old TV armoire to a thrift store, too, but I think it will fit in Esme the Escape.)

I need to plant the Redwood tree that the Palo Alto/Mid Peninsula Junior Leaguers gave me at my recent conference so that it doesn't die. I just don't think it will bode well for my SPAC career if it dies

I need to do laundry. Lots of it. Same old, same old. But now I've got the added stress of needing to pack for a four day conference in Salt Lake City before Sunday morning when I've got the kids thing and JLSD Board training all day on Saturday

I need to get to the Junior League House so that I can get reimbursement forms for my airfare to Sacramento for the conference earlier this month as well as the catering and flowers I need to pay for in time for next weekend's training

Ugh. OK, so now you can understand why my eye won't stop twitching, why I wake up and still feel tired, and why there seems to be a strange twinge in my side when I turn my torso just so. Please, please, let me just get through this and then June should be OK!


Brooke said…
Sounds like it's time to delegate. How important are arranging bagels and flowers vs. spending time with Alcott and TCB?
JessiferSeabs said…
My only advice... pay somebody to do your laundry. Some laundromats or dry-cleaners will do that for you. You pay by the pound.

That's totally what I'd do.

Good luck.

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