Some things complete, some still To Do (and my blog still looks awful!)

Monday morning. Well, I made it through the training on Saturday, the day with the kids at the beach celebrating Alcott's birthday, doing enough laundry to get by while I'm here in Salt Lake City, and procuring the services of my beloved cat sitter, Jane. Whew.

You know, it would be great to get back on the fitness/health track while I'm here. I brought the workout clothes and shoes and there's a gym on-site, so there's really no reason NOT to. I've got continental breakfast each day provided with my conference, plus lunch tomorrow afternoon, so those will be "good" meals. (I don't binge publicly.) I'm planning for Subway lunches today and Wednesday (both to save money and for the health value), so that's good. Truly, the biggest worry will be dinners today, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Wednesday, in particular, will be problematic because my good buddy, Tony, will be home and I'll be here by myself. Well, in any case, we shall see.

By the way, it's very pretty here in Salt Lake City, but hot. Just for the record, I strongly dislike hot.


Raquel said…
I have to agree with you about it being hot in Salt Lake today - I hope you enjoy yourself while you are in town - it usually cools down in the evenings or you could go up to Park City one night - it's nice and chilly up there at night.
snackiepoo said…
Um you know what is odd? I have this blog tracking thing that tells me the most popular outgoing links and on Sunday, yours was number one. Just thought I would throw that into the pot of "who the hell" mystery.

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