Too much alcohol and a morning full of writing mini-reviews

Tuesday afternoon. I drank a lot of alcohol last night (seven whiskey sours, from my hazy recollectoin). I did not get a buzz but I did have a headache this morning. I shall not do that again on this trip. Worse than the fact that I drank too much without any noticeable benefit is that I should have been back in my room finishing my mini-reviews for each of my team members. Do you know what's worse than waking up with a headache after drinking too much? Waking up with a headache after drinking too much and realizing that you've forgotten to do something critical and now must wake up and fly through it. Seriously, the procrastination must stop. I could have done this task last week but just kept putting it off. I put it off primarily because I thought it would be grueling but, as usual, once I started and got through the first, it really wasn't a bad task. It took me about 45 minutes per review and I have nine at the mo, so less than seven hours total. When I think of how many hours of stress and worry I put into dreading the task, I get really annoyed.

Also, I think I was really rude to TCB last night. I didn't call because I was out at a bar drinking too much and then, at 10:30pm his time, I returned a call from him and talked loudly about nothing in particular while yawning. Hello? Can you say "rude much"??? Why that boy stays with me is a total mystery.


Shannin said…
Ugh - reviews. I used to have to do them twice a year, too. Never with a hangover, however, although I think I did polish off a bottle of wine doing year ends. I didn't even know you could get whiskey in SLC...
I can't even imagine drinking those, let alone how I'd be afterwards! I've always had to drink diet pop or wine spritzers that are mainly diet pop. I've actually never tasted a WS but I remember a few Singapore Slings at university and they were pretty good! I guess you can't really taste the alcohol much so it's easier to consume and not realize it. Kinda like those nanaimo bars that tempt me so much! And I have hardly ANY willpower if I'm even in the same room!
M@rla said…
Dude! SEVEN WHISKY SOURS! Yuck! If the alcohol didn't get you, all the sugar would. Seriously, you have to learn to drink your alcohol straight ;-)

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