Denise said, "I didn't go hunting. They came looking for me."

Thursday afternoon. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to write me (either in comments or email) after my last post. My yoga/weight loss teacher, Gloria, tells me that my frustration and rampant emotions are a good sign because it means that I'm feeling things and not just bottling them up behind food. She also says that I need to celebrate and strive for small victories as opposed to expecting perfection and being constantly disappointed with myself for anything less. In the spirit of that, I will share that I have eaten on plan every breakfast, lunch, and snack this week, and I didn't binge last night even thought TCB and I went to Chili's. Yes, I ate more than my 500 calorie plan, but it wasn't a binge and I am OK with that.

Another thing that I am OK with is how happy I look in this picture with TCB, taken at the Corpsmen Ball last Friday. Doesn't he look handsome in his uniform? Am I not the luckiest girl ever? I am not obsessing over how big my tummy is, only that I am happy and cared for and supported by a wonderful, lovely man. What more is there?

Wait, wait, wait, there is something more: I'm going to take an "Othersize H2O" class at the Y tonight and, if I like it, I'm going to join and do two of these classes a week. (They are specifically designed for Plus Sized people so that I don't have to be uncomfortable about how I will look pool-side - hooray for that!)

No huge pronouncements of fitness goals or "I will lose this much weight by this time", just baby steps.


yvonne said…
You DO look happy -- and absolutely gorgeous because of it! It's a lesson to me, since I'm the one that excuses myself out of any social thing. If I could dredge up the courage to go I might find myself being as happy as you! (But even as I type that, in my head I'm hearing No, No Way, Never . . .) You make a lovely couple.
Unknown said…
Before I even read a word of your post, I too noticed how genuinely happy you two looked in that gorgeous photo. That's something you can't pull off if you're not really feeling it. You are such an inspiration in so many ways.
Jenn said…
That is such a cute picture, Denise! You really do look so happy :) And I love your dress, a perfect color on you, and one that I could never wear.
JessiferSeabs said…
You look INCREDIBLY happy - and so pretty... and I love the dress. :-)

And yes, TCB looks smashing as well.

I loved this post. I can "hear" your happiness and excitement and pride in your accomplishmnts, and I hope to see you continue to have more days like this!

And the water class sounds awesome. My yoga studio does a class called "Big Ass Yoga," specifically targeted towards the plus sized audience (the studio owner was once plus sized and lost a lot of weight by learning yoga), and I always wish I'd known about it back when I was 250 lbs - at that weight, I tried yoga once and quit!

Yay for you!
Shannin said…
You look so happy! That's a beautiful dress - where did you get it??

It's all about progress and not perfection - I'm still learning this every day.
M@rla said…
All I can do is second what everyone else is saying. You look glorious in that photo and TCB is lucky to have you (and vice versa; he's a hottie).

"Othersize H2O" sounds great - I could spend all day in the water. It's nice to be weightless!
neca said…
You both look happy and your dress is cute!

I am struggling with some of these same things - "all or nothing" thinking, sticking with my plan... Do we share th esae neuron?? :-)

Have a great weekend!
Red said…
What a great photo! You two do look very happy together.

I also love your dress! I am currently looking for the perfect bridesmaid's dress for my best-friend's wedding. That dress would be perfect! Do you mind telling me where you found it?

Best wishes,
Nanette said…
Beautiful couple! Thanks for sharing! :)
He's cute and you look wonderful but that DRESS! It's absolutely gorgeous!! What excellent taste you have, both in men and in clothing.
Unknown said…
What a wonderful picture! You two look wonderfully smashing :)

The whole baby steps thing is, to me, the hardest part of the process. But I think you've hit the nail on the head with the celebrating the little things part. Every little bit helps, right?

Thank you, again my west coast friend, for posting a timely and much needed post. Happy Monday and I hope you have a great week!
You look like a very happy and handsome couple indeed! (Just as I said about your pic on the ride at the amusement park!You have a lot to fly with now so keep it up!
Robin said…
Hi! I saw your link on The Lighter Side and thought I would stop by and see what you were all about.

I have to say that being happy,as you obviously are in this picture,speaks volumes. Your dress is beautiful and you just look radiant. You look like you belong together.

We always talk about little changes on The Lighter Side so I applaud you for sticking with your plan even if you went over what you were supposed to have at Chili's. For me,it's all about eating better than you used to,not about being perfect at every single meal.

Good eating plans are for life,not for a quick fix. Yo-yo dieting really messed me up over the years. I would lose weight for 5 minutes and then gain it all extra! I always hated the extra!!

Your class at the "Y" sounds great. I exercise in our pool at our apartment all the time. It's so much more fun when you exercise in a pool.
Keep up the good work!!
Lys said…
You both are absolutely glowing and that dress.. To DIE FOR! Seriously - congrats on everything. One key phrase I always swear by, "One Day at a Time". TCB better realize how lucky he is!! :)
betsy said…
All I noticed in that picture (besides your beautiful dress) was two VERY happy people that very much look in love! Cute picture! CUTE boy!!!
moegirl said…
You look great, and the dress is lovely. I too, have many of the same struggles that you have written about- its so hard.

I've done water aerobics and it is fun, plus you don't sweat- a plus.

Take care.
Suzy Snow said…
You look like a beautiful couple! That is a great pic and you should be proud. I'm so inspired by your blog. I've struggled with my weight for years and most everyone that knows me, knows of the struggle yet I can't bring myself to write about it like you do, but I can't help but feel that the expression is helpful. Good for you and keep up the fight!

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