A few of my favorite things

Friday afternoon.

1. I woke up at 11am this morning. Granted that it was after a night of much tossing and turning, but how fabulous to be able to just ride it out and let my body do what it needed.

2. I spent the afternoon and evening with Alcott and his older brother. While The Boy has been disappointing me with his typical teenaged behavior of late, his older brother is still incredibly grateful and happy for the time and energy people put into improving his life. He even hugged me as he got out of the car last night. Yes, I got a hug from an adorable 16-year old: teenaged girls everywhere, I accept your hatred with pride.

3. My boss called while the boys and I were at H0met0wn Buffet. Turns out that someone who attended the Masterful Conversations seminar with me had mentioned to him that I was feeling alone and unsupported. At first I felt really horrible (not to mention pissed off at the person who'd ratted me out!), but as the conversation progressed, I think it really brought the boss and I closer, which is something I'd missed since he moved from being my peer to managing me.

4. I wanted to go out and binge so much last night. SO MUCH. I itched with the desire, the need to be full. I kept telling myself that I wasn't hungry. There wasn't even a twitch coming from my stomach. It was 9pm. And yet the need persisted. Fortunately (only in this particular instance), I had literally nothing in my bank account and am at my credit limit on my only card, so I couldn't act on it. I got paid at midnight last night via Direct Deposit and I didn't binge last night, so it's a good thing all around.

I'm still working on my project plan, and things are coming together nicely. Sometimes, it's good being me.


Alda said…
It's interesting to read how you describe the feeling you get when you want to binge. Surely that must be the first step to changing something.
Mamato2boys said…
Your doing something right if you can get a 16 yo boy to hug you in front of his friends! I can only hope that I will get the same from my boys!
Yay! for making it through the evening. One meal at a time!

smooches xx

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