Let's get it started

Thursday afternoon. I'll be starting my weekend in another 56 minutes and that thought pleases me greatly. I've got to pick up Alcott's younger brother and then jet over to his (Alcott's) first real Varsity basketball game. I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt today in the heat of southern California summer just because it's the only thing I own that is the color of his team's jerseys. (Yes, I am that woman you remember from high school whose daughter was totally embarrassed to be seen with her.)

Tomorrow morning starts bright and early with Alcott's sister's promotion ceremony (junior high school term for Graduation) followed by (hopefully) an hour at the salon for an updo then zooming to Oceanside to meet up with my honey bunny, TCB, so that we can get to the Navy Corpsmen Ball. I still do not know which shoes I will be wearing. Or purse I will be carrying. Or jewelry I will be wearing. And I didn't get a manicure or pedicure (note to self: no open toed shoes!). And I think I might need to get a "suck it all in" body slip before then, too.

I wonder why my boss worries that I'm going to stress myself out with my day off tomorrow???


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