Whole and strong

Wednesday night. After two days of seminar on "Masterful Conversations" (how to have difficult conversations properly and without throwing up before or after) and one 60 minute session with my Lighter Way instructor, Gloria, I feel as though I'm emerging from a terrible, dark place. I'm not 100% but at least I don't feel like a shattered window with shards of me lying all over the floor, and that's progress.

TCB is out of town for work (no, not Iraq, just North Carolina) and won't be back until next Wednesday, so our conversations will need to be postponed, and that has me anxious (because I don't want to wait) and expectant (because I'm going to prepare the heck out of the conversation I want to have). I miss him and that's silly because I never see him other than weekends due to the distance between our places of residence, but there you go. Just knowing that he's on the other coast and that I can't go and have dinner if the urge strikes makes me sad. On the other hand, I can continue to refine my project plan before I need to present it to him.

I want to be the girl I see in my dreams and I know that it is within my power to make that happen. Color me hopeful.


Good attitude and great place from which to have your conversation upon his return!
I love your analogy to shards of glass!
JessiferSeabs said…
There is a great book out theere called "Fierce Conversations," and my DBF's aunt, a high powered business executive, gave it to all of her family members for Christmas. She said that reading it changed her life.

Anyway, I haven't read it yet, but it sounds like it might be helpful (for us both!)

Good luck,
Shannin said…
I know when I told Don that I loved him, I practiced what I was going to say, even role playing with friends. The anxiety I felt before the conversation was nothing compared to how I felt when he told me he loved me back.
Mamato2boys said…
YAY!! blogger is finally let me comment! I think that you will do great with the talk when he returns!

I love your last line. So very powerful!

take care!

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