Going to Little Rock

Saturday morning. In search of yet more cookbooks, TCB and I drove the two hours each way to Little Rock, Arkansas. We also got to eat breakfast at the Cracker Barrel in West Memphis, which is a huge treat when the closest restaurant to us at home is in Yuma. Arizona.

Anyway, it turns out that both Junior League houses were closed (probably should have investigated that before we left - oops!) but we were able to find the Little Rock cookbook at a local bookstore. I'll order the North Little Rock cookbook directly from them online, so that's OK. We also drove through the Capitol grounds (gorgeous) and around the downtown area (pretty deserted, surprisingly) before hitting the road to drive back to Memphis.

After a long day on the road, I really wanted a nice, quiet dinner with TCB. We tried to go to a famous place for BBQ ribs, but there were about 50 people waiting in an alley with an open, odiferous dumpster for company, and that just didn't sound appetizing. Instead we ended up at an Italian steakhouse where we paid more for dinner than my annual Junior League dues and well worth the price. A beautiful, quiet evening with wonderful food and wine with my Cute Boy...what more could a girl ask?


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