Just one thing

Friday morning. OK, so this whole "figure it all out and get everything perfect" thing just isn't my gig. No news there. I've got to focus on one thing that will help me achieve my Mission Statement and get that going before adding in new elements. To that end, I've decided to work on getting enough planned activity for a little while.

What? I'm choosing the exercise thing? Me??? I'm like the Ultimate Exercise Hater (UEH), for pity's sake! Yup, that's true, but it's pretty obvious to me and to Mr. Magoo, too, that the eating thing is going to take a LOT of hypno and mental housecleaning to get straightened out, whereas I have no "exercise disorder" and thus should be able to make some good progress. (Besides, who knows but that working the bod might not make the mind want less junk food?)

Anyway, here's my goal: 90 minutes of some planned activity on 5 days each week. Yes, that's extreme and I don't expect that I'll hit it right off the mark, but this is a goal, right? I'll be measuring progress each week with one of those cute, little ticker thingies because it's cute and I need more cute in my life.


FatMom said…
Hey, Denise! Great goal! I think that's wonderful! Maybe start with 30 minutes a day and just keep adding from there? That's what's worked for me. Otherwise, it was just too hard for me to work out that long (being so out of shape and overweight). Best wishes!!
deborah said…
LOVE the exercise ticker! kewl.
That looks like a sound plan. I'd only do 20 or 30 the first day. I have my stress test tomorrow to see how I've improved over 13 weeks of cardio rehab just twice a week for 40 min. each day and 1 or 2 workouts of my own during the week. 13 weeks sure went fast!Here's to gradual improvements!!

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