Middle of the week blahs

Thursday morning. I suppose that after a weekend of drama, I should be glad of the blah blahs that I have now. Unfortunately, I also have a monthly all-team meeting to pull together before 2:00 p.m. today (bad Denise, stop procrastinating!) plus a visit with a local legislator for the Junior League immediately after work. Last Minute Lassie should be my new nickname because that's the way everything seems to happen around here.

Thank you to everyone that wrote messages of support for TCB. He seems to be processing through the impact of his partner's death pretty well, to be honest. There have been no emotional outbursts or wailing lamentations, but I would have been shocked if he'd gone that way because it's totally out of character for him. Still, I feel his sadness and try to be there as often as I can, even if only by phone.

There is more about the work Gloria and I are doing together to work through my eating, but I'm just too blah to even write it. Besides, I've got to go and put on a suit for my meeting tonight. (Ugh, it's going to be 86F with 65% humidity out there in El Cajon tonight...and I'm going to be in a suit. With trousers. And, of course, a jacket. Pray for me.)


I missed the original post about TCB's partner--how tragic. It definitely puts other things into perspective, doesn't it? I've always found it odd to go through the motions of my everyday life when someone I know has died or lost someone close to them.
Jocelyn said…
So Sorry to hear about TCB'loss.
It's too hot to wear a suit, unless it's your birthday suit, of course. High nineties here, and I think my deodorant quit just from your description of wearing all those hot clothes.
Dick said…
Heard ya say something about blogger's comments over at Danelle's place.
Haloscan takes three minutes to install and free is good.
Plus, no spam robots.

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