My skin burns with the fire of 1,000 flaming suns!

Wednesday afternoon. What is the best thing about getting a wicked nasty sunburn the day before traveling to Memphis to meet TCB for 4-1/2 days? Nothing. There is nothing positive about my burning shoulders and chest! Owie, owie, OW. Moving along.

I have another appointment with Gloria (the link is in the last post - I'm feeling lethargic) tonight, so there should be something interesting to write about tomorrow. Except that I'll be flying to Memphis tomorrow, so it will more than likely be closer to Friday before I post anything. In any case, it's been an interesting few days since my last post. I've not really binged, but I'm not being "good", either. I guess that's all part of the deal, though. If I want to get down to a healthy weight and feel whole and healthy, there can't be "good" and "bad" days...just me doing my best and making sensible choices that don't leave me feeling deprived. Things like trying to eat more fruits and veggies, drink more water than diet soda, avoiding fried foods...even if I still eat more than is recommended. I'm not sure and I could be totally wrong here, but I truly feel that stabilizing my eating (no binges, no restricting) has to be at the foundation of real, lasting change.

OK, off I go home to start on (more) laundry and all of the other loveliness that must be accomplished before I can leave (early) tomorrow morning. Be good to yourself, kids!


Plantation said…
Wow, am excited for you. Have a great, great time :-)
Brooke said…
Oh man, I get caught in that "I wasn't perfect" trap, too. Some days, my only consolation is, "I didn't do ALL the bad things, I just did 2 of them."

So maybe it comes down to this: right now, any day without a binge in it is a good day. ? I mean, it's worth a shot, right?
Sounds like you're on track with your idea here--basic healthy eating! Good luck with it, and have a great time in Memphis.

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