There's no cheerleading in baseball!

Friday night. We were at the Redbirds game, in our fabulous seats right behind home plate, when one of the greatest offenses to all true baseball fans appeared in front of me: cheerleaders. Not just enthusiastic young people jumping around and tumbling, but girls in skirts and cut off shirts with pom-poms. Hello? Do these people not know that baseball doesn't HAVE cheerleaders???

Other than that, though, it was a fabulous experience. If you're ever coming through Memphis and the team is at home, come on down to AutoZone Park and catch a won't be sorry.


Baseball. Cheerleaders? Does not compute.

That's a sacrilege (not to mention an oxymoron), and is hitting me especially hard since the Redbirds were in Louisille till our AAA team, er, decided to seek greener pastures and the Cardinals took the Redbirds name with them to Memphis.

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