Too busy for health

Saturday morning. I'm posting this before I have to hop in the shower to get ready for a day of incredible heat at a Voices for Children event with Alcott and his younger brother. It's supposed to be 96F out there today and I'm the girl who breaks out in heat rash when it gets over 80! Oh, well, such is life.

In other news, I'm just finding it far too difficult to fit exercise into my life, so I'm just going to give up. Um, not! What I am going to do is sit down and do some scheduling/planning so that I can figure out how to fit dinner in before working out (I'm ravenous otherwise) and still get it - and everything else I'm supposed to be doing before bed - all in. Note that I'm not beating myself up, though? Yes, I'm giving myself points for that!

Okey doke, time to figure out if the clothes that I need to wear today are dry yet (I'm betting they're not) and then get in the shower. Oh yes, and TCB is sound asleep downstairs because his plane from Memphis got in last night at about 11pm Pacific (1am Memphis) and there was just no way he was driving 45 minutes to his house at that point. Hooray for having my favorite Cute Boy back in the Golden State!!!


M@rla said…
I think 90 minutes of exercise a day is terribly ambitious! I don't at all want to sound discouraging, because it's a fantastic goal and I wish I could do it. But it also seems - well, unattainable! That's a HUGE chunk of the day. I know I couldn't do it (and naturally, no one in the world can do anything differently than how I do...)

I don't want to proselytize, but have you considered trying some form of HIIT? Yes it's ugly, but the beauty is that it's over with quickly. You know where to find the links so I won't dig them up.

As always, you're inspiring. You have the coolest life!
The trick is definitely finding what works for you. I find that if I don't exercise in the morning before my shower, it doesn't happen. Then again, I have the luxury of not having to get up and out of the house to work!

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