Whatever shall we do???

Sunday morning. As I sit here on the couch in our room, TCB is fighting through a headache (probably much due to the wine last night) and I'm not sure what today will hold. I've made plans to meet with a local reader at the Starbucks at Peabody Place this afternoon, so that will be fun, but there's nothing on the schedule otherwise. I've read that there are some beautiful homes in the Victorian area of town, so perhaps I can convince TCB to head over there once he's feeling better? If nothing else, the opening night reception for his conference next week is tonight at the main hotel, so we'll definitely be making an appearance there.

Any good suggestions for other things to do???


Plantation said…
Sounds like you're having a great time. Am very happy for you and jealous of the Memphis BBQ. YUM!!
Nell said…
Well the day is over but I always go with the idea of doing nothing whenever possible. Those days are few and far between sometimes! Makes we wish Mark and I had gone out for breakfast this weekend...one of our favorite things to do when there is nothing to do.

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