Various thoughts

Tuesday night.

Aerobics for the Fat Girl is tiring. The pool at the Y is over chlorined. I need to get to class early so that I don't end up in the deep end where the water gets in my eyes. (I'm 5'3".) I cannot stand on the noodle with both feet. I am still ungraceful even under water. My cute tankini is wholly inappropriate for water exercise. It is really annoying to have to keep yanking your bottoms back up and your top down while attempting to keep doing the correct arm movements.

I did not binge today. I ate more food than my body strictly needed, but I didn't binge.

I am so flippin' tired. My eyes are literally drooping. Part of that is the chlorine in the pool (see above) and part of that is just a day fully lived. (And the many meetings at work.)

Rasberry Zinger tea really is the best thing ever. Ever.

Did you notice I've posted every day for the last few? Me, too.


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