What I will do!

Here's what I'll commit to:
1. Exercising for 30-90 minutes 5-7 days a week (cardio)
2. Eating foods that make my body feel good
3. Eating not until I'm full but until I'm sated
4. Doing some sort of flexibility practice 1-2 times a week (Yoga, Pilates, or NIA)
5. Drinking 64-130 ounces of plain water (drinks with Splenda or Nutrisweet don't count toward this total)

In case you're questioning my credibility in putting together this list, I've lost over 100 pounds three separate times and gained it back - painfully, pound by pound - each time. So, when I go through the (what I'm sure looks like a very) self indulgent process with Gloria (not a therapist, by the way, but a weight loss counselor and yoga instructor - I've tried therapy and it doesn't work for me) of figuring out what's going on inside my head, it's so that I don't end up right back here again. Yes, I could restrict my food (I'm really good at that, witness the 100 pound losses and my archives from 6/04 to 2/05) and exercise compulsively to the point of pain (plantar fasciatis anyone?), and then, invariably, I'll hit some emotional speedbump along the road and it will all come undone because I won't have figured out what makes me binge in the first place. I'm always interested in how others on the road are doing (witness my lengthy blogroll, most of which I navigate every day), but that's them and this is me and weight loss is not a "one size fits all" solution. Hey, I think I just found another meaning for the title of my journal! Very cool.

Wait, I just thought of another commitment I'll make in front of all of you!

I will:
6. Never, ever, ever condemn or question the commitment of a fellow traveler on the road to better health. I haven't walked a mile in their sneakers, so how can I possibly know what they're going through?


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