Happy Friday

Friday afternoon. I feel as though I'm coming down with a cold, which really bums me out. I'm going to New Orleans next Wednesday for three days of helping rebuild houses/parks/cemetaries/fried chicken restaurants (seriously!) and I do not have time to be sick. I've just sucked down some Cold-Eze tablets from the medicine cabinet here at work and am hoping like heck that I can cut it off early.

In other news, I'm doing something very worthwhile and also ridiculous given my total lack of preparation: I'm walking the San Diego AIDS Walk on Sunday. I'm doing it with a team of folks from work and we're not looking to break any speed records, but I know I'm going to be sore afterwards. If you would like to help me get some part of the $130 more I've pledged to raise, you can click on the button in the left side bar and do so online or email me for my snail mail address and send a check. TCB will be coming down to support me and might even walk, too (what a guy).

Finally, my session with Gloria went well and we will not see each other for two weeks now. I'm feeling pretty OK with the delay because, diet and exercise evidence to the contrary, I'm making some pretty good progress in sifting through my internal junk. I've even got an appointment tomorrow for a 90 minute private yoga session with a teacher who specializes in plus sized students. You might wonder why I'm not doing something like that with Gloria, and that's a good question. Basically, I'm just too uncomfortable having to say, "Um, yeah, I can't bend like that not because I'm not flexible enough to do so but because my stomach gets in the way and won't let my lungs inflate." I assume that someone specializing in plus sized clients will already know that and will automatically make adjustments in class. The first, private session is just so that she can get to know my goals and limitations in depth before I start in one of her classes. I'm really psyched because yoga is one of the best ways to get blocked energy in your body (due to past trauma, as Gloria would explain it) to start moving. That probably means that I'll end up crying in my yoga class at some point as the trauma gets released, but better there than driving on the freeway with TCB!

Happy Weekend!


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