Choice is good

Wednesday afternoon. Alrighty, I give up. Am I the only one whose comment systems (I think this is the fourth I've tried) don't seem to work reliably for everyone that wants to comment? In any case, I've added back the Blogger comments in addition to the Haloscan (the one with the funky link that I can't figure out how to fix), so I hope anyone that gets the urge to comment can do so now. Besides, now you have a choice of commenting systems and choice really is a good thing.

Moving right along, I've got my first appointment with Gloria since before New Orleans, so this should be interesting. I really feel like I've moved some nasty, old blocked energy in the last few weeks and I wonder if she'll be able to tell without my saying anything. (She usually can.) Also, just as an interesting aside, I've been crying more lately and she told me ages ago that crying is a good sign that blocked emotions and energy are starting to move. It's more than a little strange to feel tears well as I watch Alcott's football game, though.

Wowser, what a boring entry.


Jocelyn said…
You are so right Denise, choice is good, and today I am exercising my choice to say that I think you are doing so well.

Your last few posts have reminded me of the happy spirit I felt in your words when I started reading your blog long ago. For a long time you have not seemed yourself, but I sense hope in the last few posts, and a sense of calm and self worth.

So I choose today to say good for you, and keep on doing whatever it is you are doing to turn your life around, I think it is working :-)
Alda said…
Very bizarre about your comment system(s) Denise. This one I've also had trouble with, i.e. often the link doesn't open unless I right-click for it to open in another window. Like now. And your blog is the only one I've had this trouble with.

As for Haloscan - I've just re-installed it on my blog and it went extremely smoothly. I chose the auto-install option, it took me through a couple of simple steps, I followed the instructions (enabling blogger comments first, then Haloscan automatically replaces that) and then republishing. Worked a charm. Is that what you did?
Gloria would love me--I cry at everything!
Gloria would love me--I cry at everything!

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