Thirty-nine years

Friday morning. Yesterday was my 39th birthday and I didn't do anything remotely celebratory. Fabulous, huh?

I could have sworn that I'd told you guys what I was doing last week but I got some emails asking whether I'd fallen off the earth, so I guess not. In any case, I was in New Orleans doing a rebuilding project with the Junior League. I'm writing an entry about the experience, so I won't say much here other than to point out that I've added a link to the "Save New Orleans Now" website on my left sidebar and encourage you to consider making a donation or buying some of their merchandise. So many neighborhoods, homes, and lives lie in ruins. So many residents feel as though everyone outside New Orleans has forgotten about them. It was quite a trip and I won't soon forget it.

Today I leave for a SPAC conference in San Jose. I'm looking forward to the weekend because I'll be able to see my BFF, Tracy, as well as my brother, Dan. (Dan is going to get his Christmas present, too. No, not Christmas 2006...Christmas 2005. Hey, if he won't give me his new address, he has to accept the consequences!) In the working portion of the weekend, we'll be talking about possible legislation for our group to sponsor and that's pretty exciting. I'm bringing forward an idea to create a tracking system at the county level to keep track of education and health information for foster children. One of Alcott's siblings has had to take the same class three times: he got an A the first time he took it (in middle school), then he transferred to a high school in a different district and they made him take it again so he failed it because he was mad, and finally, he was forced to re-take the class that he'd failed and he managed a C. This should not happen and it's really common in the foster care system.

Man, I really need to get a life.


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