What Gloria said

Friday morning. OK, before I write anything significant, I must tell you how happy I am that I'll be wearing this skirt to work today. Pleats, plaid, buckles...I totally should have been a Catholic schoolgirl!

So anyway, I saw Gloria Wednesday night for the first time since coming home from New Orleans and we had a really good session. I cried a lot (not the bad kind of tears) and shared all of the thoughts and revelations I've been having and she mostly just listened. She did say that I'm right on target with my un-plan to get some exercise most days, do some yoga every week, and try not to binge. I'm sure some of you think that I'm giving up by doing this but it's really just the contrary: I have hope now for the first time in months because I know this is right and good for me. Most importantly, I can do this forever, effortlessly. Frankly, I'm just under a year away from my 40th birthday and I'm over the fussy, the complicated, and anything that makes me feel frustrated and useless. Life is supposed to be fun and I'm ready.


Brooke said…
You're not giving up! You're getting real! I think alcoholics call it getting clear. It is a place of power, and you are to be commended. Good for you! That's a hard place to get to, but you're doing it.

Screw what other people think - if you're good with you, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, or says, or writes in their comments.
Wonder Woman said…
I once had a very wise person tell me (my Mom) that until you accept yourself you can never really change. I think you're on the path to acceptance and that is a huge first step. Good luck!!!
Shannin said…
You are so not giving up. You're developing a plan at which you can succeed! That is the important thing. We each deal with issues in our own way, and the healthiest is finding one that helps you reach your goal - whatever that may be - at a comfort level you can deal with. You are still an inspiration.
Lori G. said…
I don't see you giving up. You have a plan, you're being accountable, and keep on plugging away.

The point is that you're working on a plan to keep this weight off as well! I find you always inspiring and such a hard worker at everything you do.
brent said…
hi denise! i haven't been commenting (pretty much because i've been lazy) but i just wanted to say hello and keep on writing! its nice to see your thoughts out there on how you are feeling and stuff. it helps me so i know it must help you! see ya!!

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