NaBloPoMo - Day 1

Wednesday night. Today is the beginning of National Blog Posting Month and I've decided that I'll do a series of 30 "Top Five" lists to make sure that I don't run out of things to write*. Accordingly, I give you my Top Five Things I Love list:

1. Going to Laguna Beach for three days for work (seriously)

2. My new Kitchen Aid mixer, gifted to me by TCB for my birthday (yes, it will be purely decorative, but so is the rest of my kitchen)

3. My mom and dad

4. Wearing short skirts and patterned tights (together and separately)

5. Alcott (the most pure joy I've ever encountered)

The mental fog I was fighting with seems to have lifted. Or, possibly, I moved through it. In any case, I walked this morning and today's food has been reasonable. I also lost another pound when I met with Gloria this evening which turns out to be the least important thing in this paragraph.

* If you'd like to contribute ideas for "Top Five" lists I can present this month, please either leave them in the Comments (either version) or email me. Thank you for your consideration!


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