NaBloPoMo, Day 11 - A sea of miscellaneous tasks

Saturday morning. It's amazing how quickly I've run out of interesting things to write about. (Some might say that I never had anything interesting to say, but I think those people are mean, so we'll just ignore them.) Anyway, in the interest of writing something, let me give you my list of things I need to accomplish today:

Top Five Things to be Completed by Denise Today
1. Laundry (this is always on the list)

2. Go to TCB's and feed Harry and Sally (I think I'll go and eat lunch with them, spend a few hours, and come home for dinner)

3. Take my lipstick pink Longchamp purse to Nordies for repair (I think I actually bought it at Saks, but the people at Nordies are far nicer)

4. Write thank you note to local Assembly Member to thank her for meeting with my Junior League Advocacy Committee co-chair and I (I'm about a week late on this one)

5. Walk on the treadmill and/or get to a yoga class

(Which one do you suppose will get dropped?)


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