NaBloPoMo, Day 12 - My boyfriend's back

Sunday night. TCB is on the chaise across the room from me and I'm a happy girl. He's been at his mom's since Wednesday night and it's sort of given me a preview of what it will be like to have him half a world away. I don't like it. What am I going to do? What am I going to do with my boyfriend half a world away for three years???

And, with that, I give you the Top Five Things I'll Do With Myself While TCB is in Japan:

1. Learn to ski (I've always wanted to)

2. Become one of those Yoga Girls (in three years I should be able to twist myself into a pretzel, right?)

3. Figure out how to integrate Dave and Abby with Harry and Sally (TCB actually suggested giving H&S to someone else tonight in the car - hello? They're my cats, too!)

4. Watch Alcott graduate from high school and start college (must not even think about the year they'll both be gone)

5. Continue working to love myself so that I can truly love someone else (intimacy is tough when you can't stand parts of yourself and can't figure out why anyone else would either)

Or I could just spend three years eating Chunky Monkey ice cream.


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