NaBloPoMo, Day 13 - Blogging will continue until morale improves

Monday night. TCB is at my house right now having spent the day there not feeling well. He's just text messaged me to ask what we're doing for dinner. In honor of that question, I bring you the Top Five Most Likely Scenarios for Dinner Tonight...

1. Denny's (comfort food, in case he's still not feeling well)

2. Rubio's Fresh Mexican (because I love it)

3. Daphne's Greek Cafe (because I've been wanting to try it)

4. Local Chinese buffet (it's walking distance)

5. Applebee's (long shot because I'm just not in the mood for loud and crowded)

Note that there's nothing in there about "getting some stuff from the store and making dinner"?


Lorelie said…
the title of your blog made me smile this afternoon as i sincerely have asked that many times myself. good stuff!
Anonymous said…

I miss that so much ... they were everywhere in San Diego! Not a single one here in Podunk, PA. I LOVE their fish tacos ... everything.

Never cook if you have the option of eating at Rubios.

I wish you could email me some!

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