NaBloPoMo, Day 14 - Product managers and other things that go "bump" in the night

Wednesday afternoon. Today it is raining. Well, to be clear, anywhere else in the world you'd call this "mist" but it's the closest we've been to real rain since, um, like March, so cut us some slack. Anyway, as anyone who's ever had the joy of being in southern California when it rains knows, rain makes the unbearable traffic that we enjoy every day here even more special. It took me 40 minutes to travel less than 10 miles this morning. On side streets. Fortunately, everyone else at work has it worse than me, so no harm done. Enough of such mundane things.

I work at a software company. There are some special things that come along with my job, a couple of which* are hopping up and down on my last nerve today. In order that you share my happiness, I give to you my Top Five Creatures Found Only in the Heat of Product Releases:

1. Passive/Aggressive Product Manager* (yes, you did just agree to the very release dates you're now disavowing - stupid me for not having required a signature in blood)

2. Brand-spankin'-new Development Project Manager (wow, I remember what it's like being you because you are me from last year - get in, buckle your seatbelt, and hold on tightly because this is a definite E ticket ride)

3. Stressed Out programmers (I know that our process has changed radically from last year and you don't need any added complexity but just think of it as job security and come to me when you need to vent - not the QA staff)

4. Process-Is-My-Life folks* (the new process is wonderful, it's fabulous, and we'll follow it to the letter unless it starts making my team's life a nightmare so stop nagging me about it)

5. Change Control Board Princess (more-than-slightly stressed out girl trying to hold everyone and everything - including the new process - together while also dealing with TTOM)(Yes, this is me and yes, I'm wearing a cute, pleated mini today with my Etienne Aigner loafers and a chunky sweater - cute and competent are not mutually exclusive!)(In case you're wondering where my title came from, it's from my boss, who just wrote, in a private response to a rather snappy email from me to the Product Manager in #1 above, "Good job princess." I need to bring my tiara in and start wearing it at my meetings, don't you think?)

I suppose most serious-minded Project Managers would bristle at being called "princess", so what does it say about me that I laughed hysterically and am much appreciative? And also, what does it say that I own several tiaras of my own?


neca said…
I think it says "You rock!" Of course, I am a project manager who's boss GAVE her a tiara! :-)
BethK said…
I usually demand titles like Supreme Goddess (or Mistress at the very least...)

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