NaBloPoMo, Day 15 - Procrastination is not for the faint of heart

Wednesday afternoon. I am a procrastinator from way back. I was nearly three weeks late for my own birth, as a matter of fact. My tendency to put off is not helped by the fact that I nearly always get away with it and do incredibly good work at the very last second. Shame, shame on me!

Anyway, today I give you the Top Five Things I Ought to Be Doing Right Now Other Than Blogging:

1. Figuring out why one of the fantastic programmers' record in the database is hosed (I've got the application open and that's the first step)

2. Putting together my research on proposed legislation for Junior League (I've really slacked on this one...I'm pretty ashamed)

3. Gathering my courage for a meeting with Troubling Team Member this afternoon

4. Drinking water (haven't been doing nearly enough of that lately!)

5. Checking my voice mail (just noticed that the Message Received light's on - yikes)

I am so lazy!


Alda said…
Lazy??! That's news to me - you always seem to be doing 1000 things, many of them extremely worthwhile! Going to Alcott's games, volunteering in New Orleans, getting counselling, exercising... you really do not seem like a lazy person!

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