NaBloPoMo, Day 16 - More than halfway there!

Thursday morning. Gloria and I had a meeting last night and I told her about TCB and Japan for the first time. She drew a parallel between TCB leaving and my father leaving me so many years ago and she's right. We've been talking about my father for months and talking about TCB and I, too, and it's all very interrelated. I'm afraid to have tough conversations with TCB because I value him too much to want to see him leave and that's what just about every man I've ever loved has done, starting with my father. (My stepfather and ex-husband being notable exceptions.) I know, though, that I'm strong enough to handle both of these situations and that delaying is not helping me on my road to better health and fitness.

In an interesting coincidence (which I'm sure it's not because there really aren't coincidences, just the universe giving you a shove in the right direction), I picked up a booklet from our corporate wellness program this morning about changing a bad habit. It talked about focusing on just one thing and letting yourself off the hook for the others until you've got the one under control. (OK, check.) So, today I bring you the Top Five Things I'm Going to Do to Change My Inactivity Bad Habit:

1. Yoga twice a week - Monday and either Saturday or Sunday, depending on my schedule

2. Walking in the mornings on the treadmill - after Sex and the City, I'll move to West Wing!

3. Othersize H2O - Tuesday (unless I have a Junior League meeting - twice a month) and Thursday

4. Reward myself with a pedicure if I can manage a week with four days of activity!

5. Reward myself with a Gingerbread Latte if I go to Saturday or Sunday yoga

Seems pretty simple, doesn't it? Well, I think it really is simple and part of why I seem to fall off the wagon is that I'm making it too complicated. Skip the TV in the mornings and use the treadmill instead. Go to a yoga class. Go to a water aerobics class. Do all of that for a few months and then look for something else that I want to change and go through the same steps.

So why do I keep having to try again and again with this stuff if it's so easy?


chrissie said…
Very sensible!

I love it.
I'm going to do the same thing. Little steps. Nothing drastic.

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