NaBloPoMo, Day 21 - Wholly frivolous

Tuesday morning. I didn't post yesterday. I could have after I got home from my Junior League committee meeting, but I didn't. I was tired mentally and physically and just didn't have anything remotely interesting to say. Since I blew my chances of NaBloPoMo greatness by missing posts on Days 7 and 8, I had nothing to lose by missing yesterday, so I did.

Anyway, I'm back today and feeling at least a little better. My Top Five for today will be the Top Five Places I Want to Visit:

1. Paris, France (not to be confused with Paris Las Vegas)
2. Vienna, Austria
3. Rome, Italy
4. Venice, Italy
5. Athens, Greece

Just barely not making the cut are Cairo, Egypt and Montreal, Canada (they're waiting in the wings for when I cross one of the Top Five off and need a replacement). What are the chances that I'll get to any of those? Probably not good. With the security situation as it is with international travel and so much of the USA still left to explore, I doubt that I'll get to any of those beautiful places. *sigh* It's good to dream, though.


I've been to your number 1 and your second alternate (both multiple times) and they are worth a visit! Our son may be spending next year in Austria, so I guess there's a chance we'll get to Vienna if he does. I'd like to go to Italy, but I can't say that Cairo holds much interest for me, and I could probably come up with several places I'd list before Athens (Australia comes to mind, along with Scotland). But a great list!
M@rla said…
I want to hear your Top Five:

- favorite outfits or article of clothing.

- best names for girls.

- scariest movies.

- fragrances or perfumes.

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