NaBloPoMo, Day 23 - Be thankful for what you have

Thursday afternoon. It's Thanksgiving here at Chez Denise and I've had a wonderful day. Mom, Dad, TCB, and me - the perfect recipe.

It's trite, but here's my Top Five Things I'm Thankful for Today:
1. A safe, warm home

2. A wonderful, sweet boyfriend who loves Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy as much as I do

3. Alcott. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and always

4. My advocacy work with the Junior League

5. Beautiful, warm days with clear, crystal-blue skies and an endles view out to the horizon

May your life be full of blessings, as mine is.


You do have wonderful things in your life and doesn't it feel good to recognize them and pay tribute to them once in awhile?! Most of us are pretty darn lucky on this continent.
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with these special people!

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