NaBloPoMo, Day 24 - A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Friday night. Today was a very lazy day, a fact that makes me happy. Also, the cleaning ladies came today and my house is clean, so that makes me happy as well.

Today's Top Five list comes to us via the lovely Marla - my Top Five Perfumes:
1. Trish McEvoy's #9 Blackberry and Vanilla Musk - this is what I wear now

2. Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle - I wore this for years and years...still love it, just a little pricey for every day

3. Prescriptives' Calyx - this was my college fragrance

4. Jacqua Pink Buttercream Frosting - this is what I use for lipgloss (smells like the real thing, so yummy)

5. Tiffany & Co's Pure Tiffany - I bought this when I visited NYC in 2003 and it reminds me of my relationship with C, so I'll never wear it again, I'm sure

How is it that fragrance can immediately take us back in time? Chanel #5 is my grandma in England, L'Air du Temps is my mother, and Drakkar is every boy I dated in high school. Mmmm, life is good!


M@rla said…
I currently wear Estee Lauder Youth Dew (which I like to pronounce as Yoof Dooooo). It's kind of a stodgy perfume, but I like it.

I used to LOVE something by Nikki de St. Phalle, I don't know if it's even made anymore. It had a blue bottle with snakes on it.

And I will always like vanilla or musk.
JessiferSeabs said…
Funny, I LOVED Calyx in high school... whiffing it now takes me right back.

JOOP was my high school boyfriends scent of choice, and I still get the tingles everytime I smell it.

Chris wears Aqua d'Gio, so that's my current men's fave.

My "signature scent" is called L'eau by Laura Ashley. I've never met anybody else who wears it, but I've been wearing it since about 10th grade. Sadly, they discontinued it, but I found it online and ordered enough to last a while!

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