NaBloPoMo, Day 3 - Today, we are tired

Friday morning. I'm sleepy and it's semi-cold outside (plus foggy) and I'd like to spend today curled up on the sofa with my chenille throw and a good book. Who'd like to go in to work for me today???

And, while we're waiting for our volunteer, here's my Top Five Things to Do on a Lazy Autumn Day:

1. Cuddle with my kitties (nothing makes them happier when it's cold than to lie on top of or next to me)

2. Savor a latte (non fat, decaf, sugar free, of course)

3. Pull out that book I've been meaning to read and read it straight through in one sitting

4. Take a bath with lots of good smelling bubbles

5. Absolutely nothing - pull the duvet up to my chin, roll over, and go back to sleep!


It all sounds pretty good to me, but watching college football would probably have to be on the list for me. And a walk if it's not too cold out.

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