NaBloPoMo, Day 30 - The end of the road

Thursday morning. Did you know that Haloscan allows you to ban specific IP addresses from commenting? I didn't know that until today when I went there to delete a recent argumentative, anonymous (no email or journal) comment and found I could ban that person forever, which I did with a smile on my face. Blogger totally needs to add that feature!

Moving on, I find myself at the end of NaBloPoMo and feeling a great deal of remorse that I wasn't up for the challenge. Thirty days doesn't sound like a big commitment but it was obviously greater than I'm up for. (This commitment issue sounds mightily familiar, doesn't it?)

To wrap this thing up, I'll finish with my Top Five Things I'd Like to Accomplish in December:
1. Purchase and decorate a real (not plastic) Christmas tree (I haven't done this since 1997, believe it or not)

2. Attend wo fat girl yoga classes and two Othersize h2o classes per week, each week (not very taxing but it will get me active and help control the stress of the holidays)

3. Send Christmas cards to everyone on my list (if you'd like to be on my list, just email me and you, too, can receive hand-written correspondence from me!)

4. Attend my Junior League committee's happy hour, the Junior League Holiday Open House, VLSCI's Holiday Party, and the Sergeant Major's New Year's Eve party with TCB (it's just not a holiday without lots of places to be and people to see, right?)

5. Stop and remember the reason that we have a holiday on December 25th every year - attend at least one church service during December, preferably Christmas Eve (spiritual strength is a big part of the healing and becoming healthy and strong for me and this is just me dipping my toe in the pond)

For anyone that might have found this journal via NaBloPoMo, thanks for taking the time to visit and read. For my regular (both of you) readers, thank you for always being here and consistently supporting whatever wacky scheme I'm espousing this week - you guys keep me saner than you know.


I did an every day posting commitment in August, and it about killed me. Glad you made it through (mostly, anyway!)

Looking forward to some updates on those December goals, if not on a daily basis.
Nell said…
You did so good for NaBloPoMo, what did you miss 2 or 3 days? Shit, I was phoning it in (no not moblogging) for a lot more days than that.
Funny thing too is I just read the site that lists all the prizes for NaBloPoMo random winners, and I really didn't want any of them! ha!

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