Another new link and a musical crush

Thursday afternoon. I've added a link to the left for Common Ground relief, a group in New Orleans dedicated to getting every house in the Lower 9th Ward that's registered with them completely gutted before New Year's. Gutting the house is the first (very important) step toward rebuilding, so this is really significant. Please, please, please, if you have time or energy to go down and help, or money to donate, help this group out. I wish I could express to you adequately how bad things in the Lower 9th were in August - no stores, no one on the streets, (no streets in some cases), and the air was just redolent of despair and desperation. As my favorite poster from Habitat for Humanity says, "America is better than this..."

I mentioned Corrine Bailey Rae in my last post and I thought I'd talk more about her since I'm totally in love at this point. (Do you have her CD? If not, why not?) Smooth and sweet and I just can't stop singing along. I first heard her on Studio 60 and then on NCIS and it was love at first song. In a complete tangent, if you're not watching Studio 60, you should be. Seriously. Awesome writing, amazing actors, and their musical guests have all been just fabulous. In their last episode, they featured musicians from New Orleans in a Christmas tribute to their city and I just couldn't stop crying. If this show gets cancelled, I shall prostrate myself on the floor in grief and you know you don't want that to happen, so give it a try, OK? Anyway, Corrine was nominated for a couple of Grammys this morning, so now's the time to download one of her songs from iTunes (I recommend either Trouble Sleeping or Like a Star) and act as though you've loved her all along.

Finally, I'm searching for a Christmas Day volunteer activity and haven't found anything yet. You wouldn't think it would be tough to find someone needing help around here on a holiday but apparently it is. If nothing else, I'll spend a few hours with Alcott and his family because nothing says "Christmas" like the pure love of a teenaged boy opening gifts on Christmas morning.


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