An easy way to make your holidays softer and more sweetly scented

Wednesday afternoon. You guys know that I don't do ads and I won't publicize products unless they're something I use myself, so remember that when I say that I've added a button link for Jacqua to my sidebar. If you can't eat Pink Buttercream Frosting, you can still wear the Pink Buttercream Frosting lip gloss ring. If you don't drink Pina Coladas, you can just use the shower syrup. This stuff smells so good that you'll want to stay in the shower forever, trust me!

As for me, I just want to stop the carousel and get off. TCB just told me that he's going to Seattle to visit his sister and her family for two weeks at Christmas. Two weeks. I can't go because I can't take any time off during the holidays and that means I'll be totally alone for Christmas Day and probably New Year's, too. Yay for me. There's lots of stress at work (as usual for this time) and the team member that I like to think of as High Maintenance is earning that moniker over and over again, today and all of this week. My BFF Tracy is leaving for my favorite spa in 12 days and I'm so jealous. I want to go and let nice people be nice to me for a week! I want to sit next to the lake in the living room, with a fire going, and watch the ducks swim by!

I have a meeting in a minute, so I need to go. I leave you with this thought: Corrinne Bailey Rae and her awesome music, why did no one tell me???


I think if I were to be alone on Christmas, I'd find somewhere to volunteer that day. Does that appeal to you at all?
yvonne said…
I'm sorry that you'll be alone for Christmas. That just sucks!!!

Also, now you've got me jonesing for shower products and a SPA!! Guess there's worse things to jones for . . .
M@rla said…
Darn that TCB!

I think bluegrass mama has a good idea, though. Either volunteer somewhere or make it a total Me Day, with all your favorite pina colada bath gels and such.

I wish you could spend the day with me!

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