I will not whine

Tuesday afternoon. I think I will be getting an unwanted (monthly) visitor today or tonight. (Sorry, TMI.) I'm bloated, I've got the vague start of pain in my lower abdomen, and I'm ready to cry for no good reason. I cried in the shower this morning because I miss the kitties that TCB and I share (they live at his house). I want to leave work and go home to cry and eat and sleep. Yes, that's the definition of "hormonal".

Not much else to write, honestly. I've not made any further progress on finishing the decorating of the tree and getting the boxes they are stored in put away, but I can do that over the weekend, I suppose. I wish I had someone coming over for Christmas because I'm putting all of these beautiful decorations out and making it all "just so" and absolutely no one will ever see. Well, my cleaning people will, but they'll probably just be mad at all of the extra stuff to dust and the pine needles to vacuum. Still, I'll see it all and I'm worth the effort, right?

Please, please, make this day finish without incident!


Brooke said…
But you will see it, and in a way, that's most important of all. It's lovely to give someone else that kind of gift, but it's also lovely to do something just because it will give you joy.

The next time you have tea, try this: put it in a nice tea pot, on a little tray with a cute tea towel on it. And use your favorite tea cup. (I mean, assuming you have this stuff. I;m such a girl, I do.) Even if - especially if - there's no one else there to enjoy it. Because YOU are there, and if it gives you joy, it's worth doing.

Same deal when you eat dinner alone. Set a place at the table, light a candle, put on music, make it nice. That's something you get to experience - you can either eat over the kitchen sink, or you can give yourself a nice little dinner.

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