Just one wish: I wish I were with you

Wednesday afternoon. I miss him so much. It's silly, I know, because I never see him during the week anyway, but hugging him on the curb at the airport and then driving away just drove it home. I don't want him gone. I don't want him away for nine days, much less three years. Omigosh, how am I going to get through his being in Japan for three years? I want him to buy me this for Christmas so that I'll have something to hang onto while he's not here. I know that won't happen, but I so very much wish that it would.


Lori G. said…
Nine days is a long time. Hopefully he will be in touch with you and that will make you feel so much better, trust me.

I can't imagine being away from someone I loved for 3 years. Have you made plans to do something fun for Christmas? Don't sit by yourself and make yourself sad. It's not as fun as it sounds. It sort of ranks up there with pounding nails in your head.
Hi Denise,

Michele sent me.

That is so sad, I am sorry.

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