The sun will come out...tomorrow

Friday afternoon. I just want to go on record as saying that I think I'm just hormonal right now, so take anything I've said in the last four or five days with a grain of salt.

TCB asked me to look at flights to Seattle over the Christmas weekend, as I've got SaSuMon off, which I thought was really nice. This is his time with his sister and it's nice to know that he'd be comfortable with my staying there with them for a few days. Of course the flights are about $650 at this point and I just can't afford that right now, so I won't be going, but sometimes it really is the thought that counts.

OK, I need to do a little rant here: Marine pilots from Miramar MCAS, stop flying over our building. You're supposed to bank your turn on the other side of the freeway and not fly over buildings on our side and yet you've been doing it - one about every 60 seconds - for the last half hour. You set the stupid car alarms off, you make it so that we can't hear in the teleconference I'm on, and you're giving me a headache. (I have a call in to TCB to see if he can call down there and tell them to stop, but I'm not holding my breath.) Wait, maybe it did work because they've just stopped. Hmmm.


Unknown said…
Two things:
First: He asked you to come to Seattle. That's huge, especially since you have written that he is a pretty private person. For him to be orchestrating the girlfriend/family merge is to me, very significant.
Second: calling TCB to have them stop the maneuvers? Hilarious. I need a TCB!

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