Good way to spend a Saturday

Monday morning. I got to spend much of Saturday with Alcott and his siblings. It never gets old, honestly, and this was another lovely visit. They played basketball and chatted and bickered back and forth in the back seat of my car (I felt so sorry for the little 11-year-old who was sitting - squished - between Alcott and his 16-year-old brother), and I wished it could be that way forever. Of course, I also had a serious discussion with the 16-year-old about where he wants to go to school once high school is over and I suddenly thought about a world where Alcott is away at college. Fortunately, I decided that I didn't like thinking about that, so I stopped. (It's one thing to think about college in the general sense and another thing entirely to think about not having my boy nearby to visit.)

Oh, and I obtained his cell phone number this weekend, too. Yes! Now I can text message him any time I like. Not that I will, but I could.


Lori G. said…
Things sound so peaceful for you and I like that. I hope you are well and having fun.
Nell said…
I've missed you this week, hope all is well!
Unknown said…
Hello, beautiful Denise! Just catching up on life in your world, reading the last few posts, and I simply want to say that I love you. I love you, and respect you, and think you're just the cat's meow.

You're a wonderful woman, and I want all of your dreams to come true.

Much love and many squeezy, squishy, heartfelt hugs.


Gingernut said…
Yeah, me too! Although I am the queen of blog breaks, so I cannot talk :) Enjoy your break and come back soon.

Sarah x

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