Just another Manic Monday

Monday afternoon. Today's schedule looked so innocuous when I checked it last night. Two meetings and lots of lovely white space. Oh, how things can change once you add re-releases and re-scheduling products. I could write some lovely poetry about the experience but I'm just too wiped mentally to do it. The day was also changed irrevocably by the person who needs major restructuring of the MonkeySurvey I created and circulated weeks ago...and I have no idea how to do most of what she needs. Blergh.

Enough about work, however, because fun was had over the weekend and I feel I ought to share. First, it was my mother's birthday and five-year anniversary of her cancer surgery, so we all got together and had lunch at the harbor in Oceanside. Beautiful. Lovely. Then we all packed into two cars and went to look at the house we're in love with, which turned out well because everyone loves the same one that we do. Nice. Of course, Mom and Dad didn't mention anything about giving us some of the equity from my current condo (they own it) and we'll need that for the down payment, so that poses some challenges. [You know what I love about TCB, though? Even as I feel myself slipping into depression over potentially losing this house because my parents and I don't ever discuss finances so the thought of having to approach them with this request makes me nauseous, he's there calming me down, soothing me, thinking of options, and just being his calm self. I love that man!] TCB also found other options for us to consider, although I really do think that a house would be ideal given how much stuff we have. (I don't want to feel as though we're just squished in somewhere without enough space to really feel "at home".)

I want my house. I want TCB. I want to sit with TCB on the patio of our house in the still of the night and watch the stars. (Feel free to email me with your arrival date once we've figured out the money thing and I'm moved in!)


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