Making a difference

Saturday morning. I know there's a saying about the importance of making a difference in the life of a child and I know first-hand how true this is. I spent last night watching Alcott's team demolish their last opponent of the year and then several hours having dinner and hanging out at Starbucks. What I realized last night, possibly for the first time, is that I've done something really remarkable in the last 26 months. Alcott is a very reserved young man and incredibly difficult to get to know and I've not only done it, I've become an important part of his life. He talked about his girlfriend and his relationships with his siblings and school and everything else under the sun. He listened to what I had to say. He respects me. Actually, he very nearly got into a fight because another kid in a passing car was looking at us disrespectfully and a little too long. (Words were yelled, I hurried him to the car, and I think we just barely escaped without my having to try to figure out how to stop two grown boys from whacking each other repeatedly. Yikes!) However much longer I live, I know with certainty that my relationship with Alcott will be the finest thing I've ever done.

p.s. I have this terrible, long gray hair directly on my part - huge great thing! Waaaaaah


M@rla said…
The first time I discovered a grey hair, it was when I had VERY long hair, so the damned thing was a two-foot long freakout. Of course I immediately yanked it out, something I don't bother with anymore - I'd be bald!

It's just finally sunk in to me that you're talking about maybe marrying The Boy. Congratulations! Whoot whoot! Best wishes, I'm so happy for you, and everything else wonderful that I haven't the grace to say properly. I know you're still mulling it over, so perhaps I'm a bit premature, but I feel terrible that I hadn't picked up on it right away. I blame my stupid sickness...
You have made such a huge difference in this boy's life. He is so lucky to have you spend so much time with him. I envy you a little since I have no kids and don't have that closeness with any least not to the extent you have.

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