Too many questions and no desire to write

Saturday night. I'll admit it right up front: this is a "duty post". It's been...who knows how long since I last wrote an entry and I'm feeling guilty, so here I am. Potential topics float thought my head like airy clouds and then vanish just the same way. I'm distracted, possibly depressed, definitely stressed, and either on the verge of something great or a complete disaster.

Instead of a real post, I give you the following questions which might (and I stress that word intentionally) give you some idea of what's been going on with me lately:

* Will I ever get my now long-overdue court report for Alcott's upcoming hearing written (much less turned in)?

* Will I let myself get hundreds of dollars overdrawn again in February?

* Can Alcott's basketball coach come up with an offensive play that his team can run in the heat of a game?

* Can I commit to any sort of exercise program for more than a week?

* When will I ever call my (biological) father and get it over with?

* How much dirty laundry can one master bedroom hold before it needs to be condemned?

* 2,500 or 3,200 square feet?

* Will he ever ask me to marry him?

If you're wondering about the randomness of the list, join the club.


Lori G. said…
I'm working on the master bedroom/dirty laundry black project, now. Get your mitts off my research! LOL

You do what you can do. If you can't do it, and you try, well, that's all good. But sometimes (like me and my bills that I need to pay), I have to suck it up and do it.

As much as I would like to be a puppet master and make people do what I want, I do not have that power (yet). So you'll have to wait and see about the dad, the BF, and of course, the offense play that may or may not exist in the coach's head.

Hang in there; February's a short month at least. (Glad to hear from you!)

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