When did I stop blogging?

Monday morning. OK, this is ridiculous - if I'm going to keep this journal then I need to actually write something here. What's been going on with me lately, anyway?

Let's see...TCB and I went from a casual perusal of local model homes to a decision to buy a beautiful home in a quiet, new neighborhood near his condo. We will need to sell at least my condo before we can buy the new place and that will be no mean feat given that the market for 30 year old condos is not strong, but it will happen and then we'll move. Well, to be more precise, I'll move, because TCB will already be in Japan by then. Yes, I'll be living in a 2,400 square foot house with no one else but the four cats to keep me company. It makes me sad when we talk about what we want to do in terms of decorating because I know he won't be here with me to see it all come together. Still, God willing, he'll come home eventually and we will have an amazingly beautiful place to grow old together.

Speaking of which, you might be wondering what the plans are for our relationship given that we'll owe a bank somewhere hundreds of thousands of dollars together - that would be a good question. At first, TCB was convinced that we should just shack up together for the rest of our lives. He had a really bad first experience with marriage and was basically coerced into proposing to his first wife, so this is a delicate area. I am not comfortable with the idea of living with someone I'm not married to (why give up my independence unless there's a commitment?), so I just kept asking him what the difference between living together and being married would be. He didn't really have a good answer and I think that sent him off with some thinking to do. I knew that I'd had an effect when he left a message on my cell phone to tell me that he'd found out we'd be able to get a housing allowance for me here at home as well as money for his housing in Japan if we were married. (Hit him in the wallet...works every time.) There has been no official question to be answered, but I suspect that there will be something soon. We love each other and it's clear that he wants to grow old with me (and me with him), so marriage is the next logical step for me.

Eating continues to be a challenge although I'm doing some very regular walking, and that feels good. I've stayed the same weight for several weeks now and stability can be a positive thing, too.

Ugh, I have to run and get ready for work. Take care, all, and I promise I'll be back soon with more.

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