Wow, she posted again!

Tuesday morning. In a move not entirely different than the zealousness of the new dieter, I'm back for my second post in two days. Is this a new beginning? Eh, it could be.

Anyway, TCB called last night and said, "What about this model instead?" Wowser, now I'm all up in the air again. (Thanks, TCB!) I'm loving the extra garage (TCB will convert one parking space into a workshop, so three will give enough space for both his Jeep and my Escape), the Morning Room/casual dining area, and the Retreat area attached to the Master Bedroom, but we don't even need the 2,400 we'd get with the first plan and this is 500 extra square feet. Of course, it also has a fabulous front courtyard, which is something I really wanted from the get-go. *Sigh*

Also, I am being squeezed in a vice of stress about the many things I need to be doing, at work and in my volunteer life. In typical Denise fashion, I am getting loads of things not on the "critical" list done instead while procrastinating the things that must get done. Great for me!

Stress schmess - I'm just glad to be here.


Jake Silver said…
i love procrastination... but i never get around to doing it

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